Safe Memories

Friday, October 7, 2016

A few months ago, my Grandma gave me a ton of old photos of myself from when I was a newborn to a kid. That's a lot of photos! I completely loved looking through them, seeing photos I didn't even know existed and remembering amazing times. I was so excited and will always treasure these photographs. But I started to think about how crazy it was that these photos taken on film were originals and the only copies, and that made me nervous! I would hate for these memories to ever be destroyed from water or bugs or anything that can so easily ruin paper. I gathered all of the photos she gave me along with a ton I already had and sorted through them. I have almost 500 prints! I thought my only option was to scan each one individually into my computer, but after thinking about how incredibly tedious that would be, I Googled other possible options. 

I came across a website called Vista Pix Media, they digitalize all of your old photos and movies for you! I wrapped up my photos and sent them in right away. A couple weeks later I had a drive full of my pictures! They're now safe on my computer and extra safe backed up on Google Photos! That makes me feel so relieved and secure. I can even look through them way easier on my computer than having to sort through physical copies. 

The originals are now wrapped up in a plastic tub, and I'm so happy that I have so many childhood memories kept so secure. If you have a ton of old photos, I really suggest using this service!

Here are a few silly photos of myself as a baby, gotta love the 90's!

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